Gina – Hair Artist

Gina is part of DM Luxury Beauty and a student of Live Your BeautyFrom an early age on, Gina was involved in every imaginable medium of art, from painting, drawing, sculpting and writing to wildling wood and paper mache.

Her mother owns a salon in New York and it was here where her fascination with the alteration of beauty was borne.

Gina’s work is greatly influenced by working with DM, notable celebrity beauty artist, by the educational beauty business platform, Live Your Beauty, which inspired her on how to channel her talent and successfully run her own business.

Gina is passionate about helping artists learn specific hair techniques and achieve their personal and professional goals. Gina’s beauty philosophy stresses the importance of healthy hair but more importantly, making women believe that real beauty comes truly from within.

She loves the freedom and possibilities that an entrepreneurial career in hair provides, from creating a complete transformation to highlighting the simple beauty of one’s nature!

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