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If you are interested in discussing any of the bridal package pricing please leave the following information.

DM will personally get back to you and go over every detail towards the hair trial and your beautiful wedding.

Thank you

HAIR TRIAL: We encourage you to have a hair trial in which DM will show limitless ideas before your wedding day to ensure perfection. This will give you the ability to speak with him and create the desired look that will make your wedding day memorable not only then, but in photos that will last a lifetime.

BEAUTIFUL PACKAGE: For the bride. Each additional $.

GOLD PACKAGE: Bride plus two people.

PLATINUM PACKAGE: Bride plus three people.

CELEBRITY PACKAGE: Bride plus four people. DM will stay with you for your pictures and touch-ups.

MOVIE STAR PACKAGE: Bride plus five people. Included are pictures and touch ups with an additional six hours of coverage. The bride can have two hair changes for her wedding. First look until cocktail hour. Second look for reception.

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